3800 Wiper cleaning

I am running the Piezo pro inks. I had a really difficult clog in one nozzle and in the process I learned that after I had pulled the plug during the turning on process so that I could free up the head and get it out of the way to clean the head and docking station and adding cleaning fluid, when I put the plug back in to start the machine I noticed initially the wiper moves out into the path for wiping the head and I pulled the plug at that point and I had a very easy access to cleaning the wiper blade. I have never noticed this before and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else talk about it, but obviously I could be wrong on that point.

It took me a couple of days but I think I’m making some real progress with cleaning the nozzle. I think what precipitated the problem, was my printer being too close to the air conditioner and the printer got too cold…

I keep my old sensor wands in a plastic bag after one use for wiping a sensor. They are prefect for cleaning the ink station and wiper on the 3800 and 3880, after soaking in Piezoflush or Magic Bullet.


Jim- this is very helpful. At last I can actually see what I am doing cleaning the wiper blade in my 3880! Nice tip.