3800 maintenance reset help

Dana, anyone. A couple of months ago I reset and put paper towels in waste ink tank as per your instructions. The last line of you instructions says

  1. Remove the empty tank and insert the newly reset tank- the printer should now read this tank as empty and you can
    continue printing as normal.

This is how I have been printing but I have no idea when the paper towels will be saturated and how to set it if I open and replace towels because my LCD panel always says it is empty, ie it is a long empty rectangle, even though I have been using it. I can’t tell through a nozzle check either as it says ----%. Can you elaborate? On your instructions I am suppose to reset before the printer thinks it is empty, how would I do this? thanks as always

Hi Liza~

If you removed the ink soaked pads and inserted paper towels into the waste tank when the chip was reset, then the printer will continue tracking ink use and indicate when the tank is nearly full just as before. When the printer indicates the waste tank is nearly full, this is the best time to remove it, replace the ink soaked pads with new paper towels, and reset the chip to continue using the tank. We have been re-using the same tanks over the years, which has saved us a ton of $ and is an eco-friendly solution to reducing waste in our landfills.

Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: