3800 error 1404

After installed a set of PiezoFlush i got the following error message – 1404. Which I have understood can cause a pressure problem. I have detectetd the two cartridges that makes the problem (PK and Light Magenta). I did another priming without any help. Is it possible to empty the cartridges and refill with PiezoFlush if that might solve the problem?

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Are these from two cartridges that you filled and primed? How did you detect them to be these two?

I tested them one by one (exchanged with my Piezography ink cartridges. These were the two that caused the error message. They are filled with PiezoFlush and primed as the the others.

From Epson I got this explanation of the problem:

I see the message Service Error 1404 on the control panel. What’s wrong?

This error indicates that the air pressure for an ink cartridge is not correct, which is usually caused by a defective ink cartridge. If you recently replaced an ink cartridge, try replacing it with a new one. If the error still appears, contact Epson for help.

I looked up your account and see that you bought a set of 3880 cartridges from InkjetMall in 2012, but I do not see that you have bought any PiezoFlush.

Are these purchased from InkjetMall or from InketSolutions.eu?

Yes. The PiezoFlush was bought from Falter, Inkjet Solution in Poland. I bought a set of the emty cartidges and bottles of PiezoFlush
Last year I bought some JonCone Studio Paper Type5 and Type2 from you.

We can not help you with cartridge errors caused by non-InkjetMall carts. Please contact inkjetsolutions. They sell their own.

Thank you, I will do that.