3800 / 3880 maintenance tank re-use


We’re beginning to re-pack and re-use our maintenance tanks for three 38XX series printers. Can some-one confirm my understanding, or correct it? Some of this is touched on in various places here, but I hope for more clarity.

• If a tank has been used until it reads “full” AND the printer will not print until the tank is replaced, the “full” tank chip cannot be re-set. Throw the tank away.
• If a tank has been used, even until the warning “tank is nearly full” appears, but the printer will still print, go no further. Pull the tank now, and re-pack / re-set it. It can be re-used.
• If you are successfully re-setting your tank chips, AND use a spare tank that is NOT full to re-set the printer before inserting your re-packed tank, the printer will successfully track that tank’s status and display it on the screen.

This last item is important to us, but we have not yet had enough experience with re-used tanks to be sure what’s happening. One printer with a slightly-used re-packed tank is showing “empty” (completely black bar). Another, used a bit more, is showing it has about 3/4 capacity left (bar is 1/4 white).

Can we trust the screen guage?

Thanks in advance to the Wise Ones, whoever they may be.


Try this link. It discusses 3880 maintenance tanks.
There is also an inkjetmall video on Youtube that discusses this. Search inkjetmall, you will find it.
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Thanks. The video did help clarify the procedure—except for one thing: do the printer and re-used tank report the gradual use of the tank accurately enough, so that the “nearly full” warning can be relied upon as the time to switch to another tank? I see that the ink cartridges do NOT report fluid levels on the printer panel, and require regular checking to be sure tanks won’t run dry. I don’t see any discussion of a re-used maintenance tank’s performance in this regard in the text guide or video—unless I missed it somewhere.

I really appreciate the info. that IJM and other members contribute to the forum.



Just something for you to test out. Some tanks will reset ok even if showing full so it is always worth a try.