2Manuals Service Adjustment Tool doesn't connect; it just hangs

I have a P800 and am running it on an iMac that I also have Bootcamp on, with Windows 10 (64).

I’m trying to get the 2Manuals Printer Service software to work, but I get nothing out of it. It just hangs as soon as I try to begin an action (initial ink loading). The initial screen comes up, and I can select a few options, but once I get to executing an action, nothing… The software is Version 1.2.2.

Can anyone confirm that it will work on a Bootcamp machine?

With Windows 10 (64 bit)?

Their documentation is nonexistent, but I’m wondering if this is actually the wrong version of the software, because the Readme file in the directory appears to be for a different printer. The download file is named for the P800, though.

Anyone have any help on this?



You don’t need the program. Just do three or four heavy cleanings and it will flush.



Your documentation seems to indicate that the program is needed… Why did I spend the $20?

Will a cleaning do both black inks? I had the idea to do a couple cleaning cycles and then do an ink change and then do a ink channel purge a little on the last of the second black. Will that effectively work, or does a cleaning cycle do the inks in both?



I’m not sure where you found the instructions to download/purge.

This is the Piezo instructions:

Ink change procedure

    • Test the printer with Epson inks to verify that it functions perfectly, as described above.
    • Open the cartridge bay door, remove Epson cartridge(s) and install refillable cart(s) into printer (please refer to the refillable carts instructions for the correct way to fill and prime), then close the cartridge bay door. The printer should now pressurize carts. When it stops, the green power light should be on and “ready” displayed on the printer LCD panel.
    • Perform 3 Powerful Clean Cycles after installing carts to purge color ink and get Piezography ink from carts to the print head. Print a nozzle check to make sure all positions are fully printing, then print a test gradient and examine it for color staining. Yellow, which is the worst for color staining, will show up in the highlights. If color staining is present, do another Power Clean Cycle or a few regular cleaning cycles. Follow this by printing another gradient to make sure color is gone before printing images.
    • Verify that you have a perfect nozzle check pattern before printing images.

This is from the P800 resetter board instructions… I have seen no other location where the initial fill for a P800 is discussed…

To do full ink line flushes (called “initial fills”) with PiezoFlush to clear ink lines, re-prime dampers, and unclog nozzles, you can use the Epson Adjustment Program for the P800 available at 2manuals (dot) com. You will need a full set of empty cartridges dedicated to the PiezoFlush liquid. Fill the cartridges with PiezoFlush just the way you wold fill them with ink. Install the flush cartridges and do a full “initial fill” of the printer with the adjustment program. Let the printer sit for 48hrs, do one normal clean, and then do a nozzle check. PiezoFlush is useful for a lot of think including long-term printer storage. For more information on PiezoFlush go to shop.inkjetmall.com

Since Walker did not answer this question, I will reply to my own question for the sake of anyone who may view this thread later…

A heavy cleaning will only do the black ink that is loaded at that time, which is as I suspected.

I did a 3 heavy cleanings and then confirmed that the inks were all printing PF. Then switched inks to the PK, and it was still printing black, so I did a channel flush for a few prints until it was printing almost completely PF and then left it for a day or two to give the PF time to work on the ink.

Then, switched all the inks to the Pro inkset and did a few heavy cleans to get the new inks loaded, and then started printing some test prints to help flush out the remainder of the PF.

At this point, there still is one in channel (MK in my case), that still has PF in the line, because I haven’t changed inks back yet to get that eliminated, but I will when the time comes. When that happens, I’ll need to do a channel flush for a little bit to get all the PF from that channel eliminated, and then I’ll be good to go.

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