1430 prints not like 1400

We have recently changed from a PC with an Epson 1400 using PS cs2 with warm neutral inks. We now use a Mac with PS cs 5 and an Epson 1430. Both system use the same inks and quad tone rip and we have added the QTR print tool per your advice for use with the Mac (newest OS). The prints are not as warm with the new system (Mac with the 1430 etc). The same file will not print the same on the new system. Are the curves in QTR the same for the 1400 and 1430? Should we make other adjustments? We have followed all the recommendations. Thank you.

This is strange. The Same ink? Only difference is PC-Mac and 1400-1430? The curves are the same. The underlying driver (QTR) is the same.

Have you changed paper batches?


The paper is the same, Han. PhotoRag, and same batch. I used the same cartridges (carts) which I had in the 1400. they are old but the nozzle checks were fine right away. The ink is the same, Piezography Warm Neutral K6. Some of the ink is over 1 year old but we never had a problem with it before? I wonder if the files may have been corrupted transfering from the PC to an external drive and then to the Mac. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.