1430 OUT OF BOX - DN Inks - 2 very light positions

I have a brand new Epson 1430. I never used the supplied Epson Inks. I was printing DN’s with my old 2880, and I’m using my existing Inks with the new 1430 carts, ensuring the ink/cart positions are as described in your manual:

Black Shade #1
Cyan Shade #2
Lt. Cyan Shade #3
Magenta Shade #4
Lt.Magenta Shade #5
Yellow Shade #6

I printed a nozzle check, and the quality of the lines look good. HOWEVER, position #1 and position #4 look very light.

>>Does this look OK to you?

Yes quite correct. Position 1 is shade 6 which is very very light. Position 4 is shade 5 which is just a little darker. You can see the logic of shades 1-6 by looking at these nozzle checks. Black is the darkest. Shade 6 is the lightest.

So this is OK?

Yes this is correct. The inks are in the right order. The nozzles all look good.