1430: oh I've a HEADACHE

Well the black is still messing up (see previous post…) did another cleaning process, but no luck … and to busy with what must be done, to go further… just living with it…
the dag dang #@%& this morning, it suddenly printing black for yellow…
what would CAUSE this???
yes I verified that the yellow and black are correct and yes they are in their correct slots…
THIS printer must have died… and still trying not to go to printer heaven… it’s been very good to me but is it done???
are there any other thoughts… ???

Update.. there is gremlin from the Black side of the force… :confused::rolleyes::eek:
NO I have not been drinking… well yes, but only tea!!! …

I’m confused … as I turned it on again… and it went through another cleaning cycle, so did a another nozzle check, and looked yellow… so I just printed the same copied yellow squares off the net, in word, since I had not closed that program, and it printed yellow.

will see how long it lasts… :cool:

hi prk~

I just responded to your other post about your black channel being clogged (http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?2139-1430-Black-giving-trouble)

If your black channel was/is clogged, and is now printing yellow (the neighboring channel in the 1430), then you are most likely getting back-suction from negative pressure in the black channel/cartridge (did you remove the ait vent plug from the new black cart?), but another possibility could be that the seal between the two channels is blown in the print head (which can happen if too much pressure is applied when flushing the head).

Please follow my instructions in my first response to your other post, and let me know how things look/work after, or if you have further questions.

Thansk~ Dana

There must be something stuck down there … (see first response…)
When I first started with the problem… I changed the ink well after the second cleaning effort… so its not the air vent… but alas and glad, so far have had no more problem with yellow printing black

life goes on… dum de dumb… fa fooo sum
sigh… next… :cool:

I’ll continue support on your first thread.