1430 not recognizing carts


All up until today was fine and doing well with daily nozzle checks; today in attempt to do daily check it will not recognize the carts. Normally that is an indicator of my operational error but I have attempted numerous times to correct, take carts out, press reset button etc…
Any clue from anyone that can direct me into a corrective course…


What carts are you using?

Regulare (old style carts, not our new style carts)
or CISS?



Inkjet Mall 1430 CISS… new out of the box last week. However, since you posted your comment, am thinking of the new single carts…
Thanks Walker…


The CISS needs to be pressed down, and hard. It’s easy for it not to lock.



It was and has been working, ordered the single carts… it will work out in the end. Thank you for your time to answer Walker.



I assume that you pushed the little reset button on the CISS carts to reset?



Got it… thanks Walker. I understand the term ‘patience’ applies to all and not just to some or ‘those others’…
I knew all I had to do was work it out.
And incidentally when we were discussing the issue with the PiezoDN and you ‘suggested’ I read entire work book, I had discovered I was missing a number of pages… so thank you for that suggestion as well, I would have figured I printed entire manual …