1430 - NK 6 Inks - Magenta Cast In Light Grays

I am transitioning a 1430 printer from K6 Carbon to Neutral inks. I’ve loaded up new carts with the NK6 set and was making a target to calibrate when I saw a very noticeable magenta cast to the lighter parts of the target. Up through about row 8 (129 step i1Pro chart) I can see the cast. Rows 8 and up seem to be neutral to my unaided eye.

I haven’t had color inks in this machine roughly a year - I went right to the Carbon set and have been using that inkset steadily, printing often. I shook the new inks before loading up the carts, and the dilutions are all in the right places. I’ve run 3 cleanings and two ink separation charts (the light grey surround has the cast) and still no luck.

Can anyone suggest what I’ve done wrong?


I made a new target on Photo Rag, dried it for 20 mins @ 100 degrees and read it in ColorPort.
Results are attached.

FYI1430_NK6_Cast.zip (1.5 KB)


IJM kindly sent me a new bottle of Neutral Shade 5 ink back in August in response to the original report. I just got a chance to install the new ink - in a brand new cart - and I still have the problem.

I printed an ink separation target and it shows that the problem ink is the Neutral Shade #6 position, so the problem remains.


Could I get a new bottle of the #6 position so that this inkset will be useable?


SH 6 headed your way. Sorry about that. Yes, we replaced sh6.