1430: Going nuts, no ~ am nuts ;-)

Yesterday, trouble started with black… needed to change capsule, had one in waiting so changed.
Didn’t print, (nozzle check) worse than before… just seemed no ink coming out… check capsule, yes it is full, tired again…
no luck.
Looked at capsule again… yep vent open… but hmmm no ink in the right hand portion of capsule under the vent, where the vent goes. Ok… took a paper clip… checked to see that vent hole was clear… then pressed lightly on ink, in capsule, through plastic lightly, to see if any ink would come out of vent hole… didn’t… hmm well we tried it again anyway.
Still not printing black… ok… filled up the original empty capsule that was working fine. Still no printing black.
Ok, then flushed out just the black ‘jet’.
Still no print… sigh… called it a night.
Flushed just the black again… and since, every time you do something with the any capsule, it goes through a cleaning cycle, so topped off three other capsules.
Tried again… now the black is printing, on nozzle check except for one small ‘strip’ but the others are showing some spaces, especially yellow. Yet when I did a nozzle check this morning, they all where perfect except black.
Double sigh… Any ideas, to bring sanity back in place? :wink:

Solved… gave it a effort… this time did all the heads with a piezo flush…
Now is there a standard of doing a total clean?
If so… how often?

Hi prk~

Sorry to hear of your strange and frustrating situation.
Have you followed our instructions to manually clean your printer’s capping station, wiper blade and bottom of the print head? If not, instructions and other helpful printer cleaning/maintenance info can be found here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?133-Printer-Cleaning-and-Preventative-Maintenance

I hope this helps, please keep me posted with your results or if you have any questions.
Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

oh, I guess we both posted at the same time! I’m glad to hear your printer is working well again, and think you will benefit from our printer maintenance information.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana