1430 - Dull colors

Hello! I have just installed my first set of InkThrift CL refillable cartridges, everything was pretty straightforward and went according to plan. I did the requisite 3-4 cleaning cycles, nozzle check, everything looks great.

I printed a test palette with colors I use often for my work (I am a graphic designer, and often work with flat areas of color – NOT photos) and noticed right away that the yellows/reds are lacking a brightness/saturation. Yellows/reds/pinks/oranges print out darker and muddier than they did with the Epson cartridges. It’s not just a “slight” difference – there is a definite lack of clarity. I tried printing 100% saturation magenta/yellow/etc and they are not right.

I made sure to do another cleaning cycle or two, and just print a few test pages to let the ink run through, and I have restarted both my computer and the printer, but I am getting the same results.

I am using the same profile to print with – from Photoshop, I use Color Handling: Photoshop Manages Colors, Printer Profile: Artisan 1430 SP 1430 Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte, and Rendering Intent: Relative Colorimetric, Black Point Compensation ON. In my printer settings, Media Type: Ultra Premium Presentation Matte, Print Quality: Photo. These are exactly the same settings I was using previously with Epson and getting great results.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Happy to provide any more information that you need.


Hi again,

I know it’s been a holiday weekend but I’m stuck in limbo til I can figure out my printing issue here. Please do get back to me at your earliest convenience.



I PM’d you.

I just got my father into the R1430. He likes to print on matte papers sometimes, too. Would any of this information be relevant to him?