1430 Curve for QuadtoneRIP

Using QuadtoneRIP seems to require at least one curve. When my 2880 was working, I used PZDN-X800-Meth1 for linearizing. Now that I’m working with a 1430, what is the the equivalent curve that I should be using? Thanks.

Piezography requires the use of a Piezography curve - to be sure. Also, it requires the Gamma 2.20 workflow from our New Piezography Manual.

The curve you used PZDN-X800-Meth1 is a curve designed for Digital Negative printing on Pictorico Ultra Premium Film. There is no support yet for digital negative on the Epson 1430. We plan to release a version later in the Summer.

There is support for matte only Piezography K6 printing with Piezography inks - and these K6 curves can be installed when you download the latest version of QuadTone RIP.

Let us know if you have further questions.


It appears that the same curve will work for digital negatives with the 1400/1430. Please correct me if I’m wrong, Dana/Jon. :slight_smile:

No, I am sorry it will not. It’s not just a matter of ink channels (6 vs 8). It’s also a function of underlying QTR driver and droplet size for the printer family. If you wish to make digital negatives you will need to use a supported printer or wait until our release of K6 Digital Negative for 1400/1430 printers.

Thank you Jon. Funny thing, I bought the 1430 as a cheap backup for use when the 2880 is being repaired. Mistakenly, without investigating, I had assumed that the 1430 could also produce digital negatives using piezography. Well, the 2880 is currently being repaired. Up the creek, as they say. Thanks again.

I’m glad to see that this thread is still hanging around. Here we are in late October, and my 1430 remains a digital negative virgin. I had been hoping that the linearizing curve to print on Pictorico Ultra Premium would have been completed. Any progress on this venture? Thanks.

This is slated for development the first two weeks November. Really!

Thank you Jon. As they say, “I’ll believe …” There ain’t nothing worse for a virgin printer than being teased. Thanks again.

From what I’ve been reading, this is a good time to ask. How can I get access to the linearizing curve for creating digital negatives on the Epson 1430? Thanks.

It’s not released yet. Still in development. The first release of K6 Curves will cover Pt/Pd. A second release of K6 Curves will cover silver, carbon, and others…


Thanks Jon. I’m patiently and humbly waiting.

Jon, here’s a thought. If the order of creating K6 1430 curves is Pt/Pd followed by silver, carbon and others, it appears as if printing methods on paper are getting the priority in curve development. Should one of these paper printers want to make digital negatives to use in creating his/her print, this would be out of the question until the paper printing curves are first developed. Is this not the classical case of putting the cart before the horse? Just a thought.

The K6 curves system for the Epson 1430 was developed for printing on paper many, many years ago. It’s been one of our top sellers for nearly a decade. So, the paper curves are and have been out there for nearly 10 years already.

We have had digital negative systems for X800 and X880 printers for about 7 years now.

The 1430 digital negative system is a new concept for us - and in development as a new system that will use existing K6 inks. When we made the paper curves for the 1430, digital negative was just in its infancy on Epson printers. So we could not have developed film curves first even though darkroom preceded the lightroom.

Does that make sense or did I misunderstand your observation?

Happy New Year!


When you mentioned "The first release of K6 Curves will cover Pt/Pd. A second release of K6 Curves will cover silver, carbon, and others…, " were you referring to curves for digital negatives so that the printers using these alternative processes would be able to create their products?

I suspect we might be talking past each other, or perhaps I’m just not understanding the process. Rather than try to explain myself, even if I could do it clearly, the bottom line for me is that it would be helpful to have some realistic expectation of when there will be available the Method 1 linearizing curve for printing on Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP using the Epson 1430?



The K6 Curves for printing Piezography prints, as I mentioned, have been released for nearly a decade.

The K6 curves for digital negatives are in development. Those will be released shortly. Those who would like to use the 1430 to make digital negatives for Pt/Pd will be able to use the printer to make negatives.

I did NOT intend to make a Method 1 curve. I do intend to make Method 3 type curves for Pt/Pd, Silver, Carbon and other traditional photographic methods that use a traditional continuous tone silver negative. Meth 1 is for those who use very high contrast, opaque type films for alternative processes (like gum print.)

If you are interested in participating in the beta of this project you can contact me off line. But, only if you have a Pt/Pd setup and are willing to participate in a beta program. If you are not familiar with beta programs - they are designed around the idea of testing rather than having expectations.

what is the medium you are doing that you need very dense negatives for?
what is the amount of measured density in the film that you require?

I don’t quite remember our correspondence a few years ago, but but somehow or other I settled on the Method 1 linearizing curve for the 2880. As it turns out, the digital negatives I have/had been making are for printing cyanotype, kallitype and gum. I’ve been very pleased with the behavior of the negatives and the results when printed on the 2880. I think part of the key to their adaptation and success is the Photoshop manipulations that I’ve done (trial and error) prior to printing (and, of course, the quality of the ink and curve).

I’ll be happy to adapt to and use a Method 3 linearizing curve for the 1430 as soon as they have completed beta testing (I won’t participate because I haven’t been doing Pt/Pd printing).

Well - I will try and make some higher density curves that exceed the need of Pt/Pd and Silver and move into the range of Gum. That way the system works for everyone…

Jon, thank you. You are a good man (and a serious professional too)!

I’m also a good dancer, and quick with a joke! :wink: