1430: Curious, Black print test with piezoflush?

Needed to do some quick print test on an image were working on, while my newer 1430 is going through a sit piezoflush clean routine for a stubborn black ink problem.

So dug out my old 1430, which has 6 piezoflush cartridges in it, and replaced the Black with ink, and made a test print.
Had it on Black/Grey Scale, plain white paper, and was shocked at how well it turned out.
No pink piezoflush hue in the print at all.
Then decided for the heck of it to print it on some matte paper, and we then had the pink piezoflush hue in the print.

Curious why?
Plain paper ok, different paper, gloss or whatever not.

Some paper takes ink more so you will see red if there is more ink printed and a bit of PF left in the head.

Do 2-3 cleanings and it should be good.


Hmmm, misunderstanding, the only ‘ink’ in the 1430, when we printed the above was the black cartridge. The other five cartridges were filled with PF, but with plain paper we got a terrific image without any pink hue. On any other paper, a pink hue was created in the print.
Found this curious, but your reply perhaps still stands, as the other more specialized papers may require more ink, and the other PF cartridges are used.
Its not important, but interesting, that could set up the old printer to be used for a quick B&W study print on plain paper.
Had it set for Black/ Grey Scale only.