1430 ConeColor Pro Yellow Cartridge plugged.,,

1430 ConeColor Pro Yellow Cartridge seems to be plugged. Put a different, older type cart in and it prints. any way to clean?

Top it off.

Prime it and make sure that the air vent tab is off and there is not tape left over the air vent hole.

Tap the bottom of the cart a bit before putting in printer, and let settle after inserting into printer as well.


Dumb and dumber, … but just want to make sure.
Air vent is the towards the rear, and there is no tape over the air vent hole.
Is this what your referring to when you state: “… make sure that the air vent tab is off and there is not tape left over the air vent hole.”

Its been a while since we put these in, and suppose they may have had some sticky tape on them when we got them, or perhaps not, as they were purchased empty.
Now ..“Prime it…” as in ???
When we refill, or put a cartridge back in it automatically goes into a cleaning mode.
Is this what you are referring to as prime it?
Otherwise have never primed a cartridge before. :upside_down_face:

When you said you had put an “old” type cart it, I assumed you were using our new-style cart: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/ssearch.html?search=RCS-1430-SH-

Our new carts have priming syringes that come with them.

I suggest you get this new model. It’s built for the 1430 which has significant build variability from printer to printer.


Ok will do …thanks p.

Ok got the new carts with syringes… (SKU# RCS-1430-SH-SET6) but this is a 1430, you can’t prime them with the primer tip, they must be for the bigger printers. .

You can prime these ones. The ball valve is different.

Just need the primer tip attached to the syringe to prime.


Huh… Really missing something here, …you know the printer better than I.
OK, … with the cartridges out, there are six vertical tips, that go into the ink cartridge, where the ink is feed is. Isn’t this where you have to prime?
If so, with the primer tip on, it makes an even smaller orifice than the syringe tip, but it still will not mate with the vertical nozzle coming out of the printer.
They don’t mate! There butting head to head!
Sooooo… where do you insert the primer tip?

You also mentioned that the ball valve is different. Where is that and what does that have to do with the priming?

I’m not sure what you are talking about here. When I say “prime the cartridge” I mean just that. Don’t prime the printer, prime the cartridge (the thing you put ink into).

If you don’t have a priming syringe and priming type (that normally comes with the full set of these new style cartridges) than you can’t prime that cartridge. If you DO have the priming tip and syringe, you can simply follow the priming instructions on the instructions tab on this document: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Inkjetmall-ReUsable-cartridge-Epson-1400-1430-T79-only-version-Set-7-with-syringes.html

If you don’t have a syringe, fill the cartridge, tap it, let it settle, and just put it into the printer and do a few cleanings. Then let it settle again for a few mins and then do a nozzle check.


Oh my… hahah… ah ha… OK if you insist we will pick on the cartridge, instead.
Yes, that’s what we have the the syringes and the 7 cartridges…
still laughing… thank you and a salute to ya… haha…