1430 Color Management with Lightroom 4



With a calibrated monitor, Cone color ICC profiles and Epson Glossy paper, my prints have a significant brown/red cast as compared to what is on the screen. When used with the Epson dye ink the color was pretty much spot on. Using LR 4 I print with ICM turned off, etc. What can I do to make this work? Thanks.


Give us some details as to how you are printing from LR:

  1. When and how are you using the ConeColor ICC printing profile when you print (where is it being set? in LR or printer driver or both or nowhere?)
  2. what are the Print and CM settings in LR that you are setting or checking?
  3. are you using our published settings for the Epson printer driver for media, etc?

Let me knowI’ll look back on you this weekend and see if I spot something.

  1. Also - check to make sure you have a perfect nozzle check and it’s not related to printer condition.

  1. The Cone Color ICC profile is being used in LR under (Print) Color Management. ICM is checked off (No Color Management) under the advanced settings of the printer driver.

  2. Settings being used in LR are 240 ppi, standard sharpening, glossy media type, Profile is CCK3-1400-EPptoPaperG, Perceptual Intent (have tried both relative and perceptual - same issue with both).

  3. Driver settings: Max Dpi,High Speed Off, Gray Scale Off, Edge Smoothing Off, ICM on (but is checked OFF) under advanced. If ICM is left on Driver ICM basic, Input profile is sRGB…,Perceptual, Printer Profile
    is CCK3-1400-EPptoPaperG

  4. Nozzle check is perfect

Thanks Jon!


Do not use the ICC twice. You have it selected in LR under CM as the ICC profile and the image is being converted from whatever input space you are using (Adobe RGB is recommended) and is then sent to the Epson driver pre-converted.

At the Epson driver you may be selecting it a second time and the conversion takes place a second time - this may be the strange brownish color source. The CCK3 ICC should not be present at all. Not certain how you have it on and off at the same time. Why not instead select the ICC at the printer - and turn color management in LR to Printer Manages Color. Make sure that the media setting you select in the Epson driver matches our instruction in the ICC profiles download guide. It is not intuitive - but it works and is necessary as media settings are CLUTs (color lookup tables).

Try just using the Epson driver for the ICC and turning of LR and let me know!


Sorry for the delay in replying - life intervened! Anyway, it turned out that it was a combination of monitor calibration and tweaking the settings in LR’s development module. All is well and Thanks!


Fantastic, thanks for the update Scott!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: