1430 CISS chip reset non-functional

Just installed CISS in 1430. Well made, look forward to using it.

The chip resetter does not seem to work. Have held button for up to 6 seconds, no joy. Replaced CISS pack with flush cartridges and they cleared the red lights. Any user fix I can try on my end? Battery? Adjust contacts? If not, what’s next?

Did you place the cart assembly in there firmly? The tops of the carts need to snap/click in place.


Meant to add that yes, read added notes and carts are in tight.

Also, if it matters, the red indicators will go out for a flash after pressing the printer’s panel ink button. Then they are back on solid. As a side question, could I manually reset with my individual cartridge resetter?

So, the carts are in there. You printed until one cartridge read empty and then the button didn’t work?


No, all carts read empty to begin with and are not resetting.

That means you haven’t popped them in hard enough. Believe me, it’s a pretty difficult press (top of each cartridge area near the prime plug).

These carts start set full.


They are definitely as in as they get. If pushed any harder the carriage will break. Not a chance of getting them out without releasing all 6 click tabs.

I suggest pulling them all out and putting them back in.

The first time I put this CISS in I had to do that. Afterwards I got the hang of it. So far I’ve put 10 in without a single issue related to carts flashing red.

Pulling out another 1430. Will try them in there to see what we see…

Well. First I thought Joy, then not, then as the CISS cartridges went into this second 1430 easily, not so with the first 1430, simply reran the ink change and finally joy!. So out of 7 1430s here I must have hit the lottery on the one that wouldn’t line up. Will be ordering 4 or more of these down the road and will re-try this one tough 1430 until I find a set that fits. It has to be that silly mm thing. One will eventually fit without needing a spring compressor to do it, even if I have to shave plastic off the back edge of the cartridges!

What a day Walker. I do not have real internet as another lightning strike Saturday took out my modem and the line outside my studio. Living on HotSpot of my phone. Not reliable here. Following is the quick version of a post I must have failed to hit Post.

The next 1430 loaded cartridges without heavy pressure and cleared all empty ink lights.