1430 chip resetter - which guide to use?


My order just came in for my 1430 printer.

IJM 1430 chip resetter - which guide do I use with IJM 1430 carts?
There’s one large guide and one smaller one.

Use the one in the box that says 06/17.

The other guide is for the waste ink bottle I believe.


Aloha Walker,

I figured it out…
The smaller guide is the one to be use to reset the IJM 1430 carts.

Love these IJM 1430 carts… excellent quality!

Thanks. We love them too (and put a lot of work into them).

Feel free to leave a review here if you like! http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Inkjetmall-ReUsable-cartridge-Epson-1400-1430-T79-only-version-Set-6.html