1430 carts missing many segments

My 1430 has been sitting with flush carts for a bit over two months. I covered the air inlet on my IJM carts, but not the outlet before storing them. I have given the carts a good shake as well as a 500KM car ride. I get a perfect nozzle check with the flush carts but not with the ink carts when I reinstall them in the 1430. After two head cleans, Y looks good but the other 5 are missing anything from 30 to 60% of the segments in a nozzle check.

I thought that I had done the right thing with storage but obviously nor. My two questions now are:

  1. How do I get the carts going again
  2. What else do I need to do to avoid this in the future?

After many head cleans, and refilling the carts which had emptied while cleaning, I now am up and running after a fashion. I’m still missing a segment or two on three out of six carts. I’d still like to know if I did the right thing on storage and recovery.


You may know this already, but when I was trying to revive a dead R2880, I had some segments that would come and go. Brian explained that if that was the case, it was an air lock. I managed to take care of the air lock fairly easily by doing a couple of ink charge cycles. I had a similar experience on my R3000 when one of my carts went empty. (When I removed a battery style chip cart to shake, it reset itself and I didn’t notice it.) It took a couple of ink charges to recover the channel.

I also heard that clean cycles fire the piezoelectric elements inside the heads. Too many of these in a short time can overheat and damage the electricals. Ink charges just use suction to pull ink through the head, and is better to do for stubborn clogs, but uses a lot more ink. I could be wrong though.



Thanks. I think my issue is with the IJM Easyfill carts not the head. I have just put the non-IJM flush carts back in, run a head clean, and got a perfect nozzle check. A good nozzle check seems like too big an ask for these carts.

Hi Jeff~

Here is information for flushing a printer for long-term storage or when changing inks (which also includes a note on storing carts out of the printer): http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?140-Flushing-Epson-Pro-and-desktop-model-printers-for-safe-long-term-storage-or-when-switching-inks

If your EasyFill capsules have dried ink in the air vent, exit channel and/or screen after being stored out of the printer, than could give you issues with ink flow, resulting in what looks like clogs. If this is the case, then I recommend getting a new set of empty capsules, and sealing for future storage to avoid drying.

Another thing that can cause missing nozzles is air, which can occur after refilling and/or reinstalling cartridges. To avoid this, tap cartridges exit valve down a few times after refilling (to force ink down and air up), then wait a few minutes after reinstalling them into your printer before doing cleaning cycles or printing nozzle checks.

I hope this helps~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana. I really don’t know what has happened. I have followed the instructions and left the1430 with flush carts and a good nozzle check. The Easyfills had blutac over the air holes and were stored in Ziploc bags. Two months later, when I came to restore it, I had a good nozzle check on the flush, and agitated the carts. It’s a long story but I started off with many missing segments. After umpteen head cleans and nozzle checks, I still had a couple of missing segments in a couple of the carts, and it just didn’t sort itself out by leaving it to stand or purge patterns etc. I swapped between flush and ink a couple of times. Each time I got a good check with flush and a bad one with ink

Today, I have driven 300 miles with the printer and inks. I put in the flush carts and got a good nozzle check. After the head cleans, I did another nozzle check with the ink installed and it was perfect, as was another that I have just done. I have no idea why it has now decided to work.

I hope that you can see some logic in this. It is escaping me.

It sounds like possibly air in the ink capsules after shaking them, which has settled out and is now providing good ink flow.

Happy printing~ Dana

Thanks Dana. Another lesson learned.