1430: Black giving trouble

I was gone a month, returned, and about a week later, did a nozzle check, black was not good… did a head cleaning… the problem cleaned up.

Several days later… tried to print something… and did nozzle check… trouble again with just black… tried another head cleaning did not clear it up.
So did some PiespFlush just on the black.
No success.
Changed Black ink cartridge.
No luck.
Copied some black rectangles from the internet and copied them to a text program and printed it as Best Photo and let the black hopefully clear itself, by the intense printing.
No success.
Ok did a full cleaning, as per the video’s on utube… “Epson Small format printer maintenance” by Inkjet Mall, and with the black, did a push and then draw, back the syringe to try to break the dang stubborn whatever, with a full syringe. Then reloaded all the inks… as all the head cleaning had depleted them.
Still no success.

Printing set as ‘text’, and ‘text and image’ I get steaks…
Printing as Photo… no streaks… it prints fine enough that it covers …

Any idea… of what to do next… for now I need to go on and will just print in Photo mode… but it sure slows down printing…
Thanks for any crazy suggestions you may have…

Hi prk~

I recommend using your print head cleaning kit to gently push some PiezoFlush thru the black channel, then gently pull the syringe plunger up- and if any crud comes out of the head into the syringe, remove + empty the syringe into the trash, then draw 1-2ml of fresh PiezoFlush into the syringe + repeat until there’s good flow thru the channel (move the paper towel under the head, so as to not over-saturate one section). At this time, absorb any excess fluid that may be in the cartridge area of the print head (there shouldn’t be much if any as long as the dummy cart is well connected to the print head nipple, and syringe is well connected to the dummy cart), then do the bottom of the print head clean with the paper towel before removing it from under the print head (and make sure the paper towel comes out whole- so you know none is lodged under the head). Reinstall the new black ink cartridge, making sure the air vent hole is open. The printer will do an auto cleaning cycle after you reinstall the cart and push the ink change button. Wait a few minutes, then do 1 cleaning cycle and print a nozzle check to see how things look.

I hope this helps!
Best~ Dana

Well I tried it for the forth time… and this time did three flushes, this time checking after pulling up… to see if anything in the ciringe… nothing there.
Sigh… still printing the same… still the same nozzle check pattern of missing in action area’s for black…

thanks for the update. can you send me a photo or scan of your nozzle check and black ink cartridge?

Cannot up load in windows 10… the “Basic Up Loader” does not appear… when one selects the file and then tries to upload, it wouldn’t … along side the image name ur trying to upload you get a red !

Dug out the old lap top XP … there it has the basic up loader and will try from there…


Xp worked… so something needs to be done with the upload interface for Win 10…

There’s quite a bit of ink on the key and capsule, is that from messy filling/refilling?

I see you’ve bought both our regular plastic refillable carts and ConeColor ink for a 1400/1430 printer, as well as InkThrift CL keys and capsules, shown above. You bought a total of 3 sets of capsules and one set of keys in 2014, then a ConeColor ink kit with regular refill carts earlier this year. Have you tried the black cart from the ConeColor set in this printer that you’re having trouble with the key/capsule?


Ah yes , in the beginning, the filling refilling was very messy. Also one of those times, I filled to much… and when printing… it leaked out the vent hole I believe, got things a stained mess on all 6 carts. Been good since then…

Have you tried the black cart from the ConeColor set in this printer that you’re having trouble with the key/capsule?

No… hmmm didn’t think I had to as I had extra carts… and tried one of those… but made no difference.

So just take the ConeColor black and exchange it, and give it a try?
Thanks for your help…

Well I went ahead and just loaded the Black ConeColor… same results… same nozzle check pattern …

Well it must be toast…

I set a paper towel underneath the heads, soaked in PiezoFlush, and removed Black and loaded about a third of the cleaning syringe with flush… gently pushed down a little… and let it sit overnight, with the syringe sticking up, and fluid in it, to hopefully unclog the Black.
This morning, when I first got up, pushed a little more on the syringe, and then about 3 hours ago, a little more, and then at the end of 22 hours, of it sitting there, finished the syringe, and pulled backup on it. No black… was sucked up in the syringe.
Ran the paper towel back and forth… loaded up all six ink cartage’s again, as I waited for them to be done with their last cycle, and had to go through three cleaning cycles as it had sat in the Piezo so long.

SOS… same results, same nozzle check pattern.
So will continue to use it and print photo, when I need text printed… and look into the purchase of another one… or up grade.
Time will tell as don’t have the $ for a more expensive upgrade printer at this time.

Thanks for your help Dana, as I received no more replies, I conjured that there was no fix.

BTW the ink overflow from my original messy first fillings, was years ago, so I don’t believe that was the culprit. .

Over and out… everyone have a great Holiday season…