1430 and the two black inks

Ok just installed my refillable carts from here along with the Cone Pigment ink. First had some trouble with ink dripping onto paper while printing. Clean printer head and station and let sit over night no more dripping. Using profiles downloaded from here, colors aren’t bad but green is off. Will be making my own profiles soon. Print with Qimage program, fully color controlled. Monitor calibrated and soon have my own custom printer profiles when I get a chance to make them. Printing targets today.

So the question, there is Photo black and Matt black. So if I print on matt paper I need to switch the black ink. BUT what if I just use the photo black and don’t bother switching the black cart? If I make a profile using the Photo black ink on matt paper would it be a problem? Blacks wont look right?? I used to have a now dead Epson R1900 which had both inks inside the printer.

I mostly print on Luster paper or Red River Satin paper or Red River ultra glossy I use same printer settings for both luster and satin but different profiles, of course different settings for glossy. Once in while print on matt paper so since I don’t do a lot of matt paper was hoping it will be ok without switching out the black cart to matt ink. I guess I will try it and see if it looks ok but I thought I would ask too.

Hi dc9mm~

The 1430 is a Claria ink printer, and ConeColor ink is made to replace Epson UltraChrome, so using ConeColor ink in non-UltraChrome printers requires use of profiles specific to the exact printer model, ink and paper for the best quality output. We just finished the profiles for ConeColor ink and the 1430 printer (which I can email to you, as they’re not available yet for download).
If you make your own profiles, and wish to use only one black, then you can certainly keep photo black installed, as long as you make profiles for the papers you use. It will give slightly lower dMax on non-gloss papers than if you were to use matte black ink, but it’s worth trying to see if the results are satisfactory for your needs or not.

Let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana

Yes email me the profiles. I haven’t yet made my own profiles yet. I just printed the targets yesterday and I let them dry for a few days before I create the profiles. But in the mean time I could try yours out to see how they do on my printer. So far very happy with this setup.

Ok, which papers are you using?

Well Iam using Red River ultra Pro Satin BUT have found if I make a profile for this paper it also works perfectly with Epson’s Ultra premium Luster paper. Plus Red River Ultra Pro gloss but also have found Epsons Ultra premium gloss is very close to the Red River gloss I use. If you have them email any to me. If not that’s ok I will be making my profile this weekend but if you have any I sure would like to try them.

We just uploaded the 1430 profiles, here: http://conecolor.com/icc/Epson1430.html

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: