1430 1st time set up

I have filled and installed my IJM cartridges. Tested the printer after 3 cleaning cycles without installing the profiles. That image shows on the right. After numerous print head cleanings, and alignments it looked the same. I reinstalled the Epson cartridges with the exception of the IJM black cartridge and the image to the left is the result of that test print.

Does this look like an issue regarding color profiles?
I was guided to the page to download them, but I do not see anything as described above in the topic described where it is something to right-click and install. I want to get the profiles set up correctly before I try reinstalling the IJM carts and test print again. Thanks.

I’m trying to add a jpg image as an example, but it is not showing up.
Thanks Jeff !!

OK … new and improved questions:

Why no Canson/Arches profiles?
and what about just a plain ink jet paper Profile?

Looking forward to reloading and trying again.


Your results should be similar to the Epson image you printed previous to switching over to CCPRO inks. You did everything correctly with the 3 cleaning cycles, did you verify a good Nozzle check after the cleaning cycles to make sure all the colors are printing? Sometimes people forget to remove the air vent plugs at the back of the cartridge and starve the system of ink, leading to inaccurate output.

What work flow are you using? Are you printing from Photoshop? What OS are you using MAC or WIN?

Have you verified you have the correct colors in the correct cartridges?

Hope this helps lead you in the right direction.

To answer your question about the profiles, I do have some Canson profiles on my computer I can share with you through private email, the files are too big to upload onto the forum. And for the plain paper, you can use the EpEnhMatte profile.

Thank you Kelly for your response(s).

“did you verify a good Nozzle check after the cleaning cycles to make sure all the colors are printing?”
Yes. numerous times. I thought maybe something had gone very wrong until I switched back. Is relief to know that it’s fine.

“Sometimes people forget to remove the air vent plugs at the back of the cartridge and starve the system of ink, leading to inaccurate output.”

I did not forget to remove the air vents. It printed with the air vents removed.

Yes, colors are verified accurate. All my colors were carefully injected having set everything out in order 1st double checking.

I am printing from Windows 8.1 :eek:
Photoshop CS2. > print with preview.

Thanks for the plain paper profile suggestion. Will do.

Canson papers I have are BFK Rives 310g and Arches Aquarelle Rag 240g. I don’t know if it makes a difference but my guess is probably yes. If that is a go…let me know how to contact via email. Appreciate so much. Thanks.

Looking forward to it all working well.


I will email you profiles that you are requesting through the Tech Support email account.

Please explain your complete workflow through CS2, screen captures are always helpful if you can supply those.

Also, please reinstall your IJM carts and run the usual 3 cleaning cycles through the printer utility and print a manual nozzle check pattern. Post that to this thread as well, so I can review and verify all the colors are printing 100%. The green color casting and the BIG lines through the image on the left are pointing towards missing ink channel(s) and/or Workflow. I do not believe a profile is going to make that big a difference in regards to the BIG lines and the green casting.

Here is a valuable resource for printing your color images properly for accurate output http://www.conecolor.com/icc/Printing%20With%20a%20Color%20Profile.pdf

I have refilled, reset & printed using a more careful set up with the color management pdf and added profiles.
Thank you for the profiles they installed easily!!

Not entirely sure what you want in terms of workflow and if you can post/forward a link to an example of that- it will help. My images were edited in 2003-6 and my process for making print ready was something that worked for my (then printer) Epson P2200. The images I am using are from that period and earlier. I don’t remember what exactly I did to ready for production, but it did work. I would have had a system. sry.

Printing wise everything already looks much, much better, but still has faint, white horizontal lines.
I cannot get a nozzle check or head cleaning to come out clean. The test printouts are inconsistent.
Just running it over and over doesn’t make sense… One will turn out ok with one small blank space the next could be numerous blanks and colors mixing in one lined area. Will post the Nozzle check as requested (worst and best) later today.

I am thinking of getting a small format flush kit.
Let me know what you think, if it is likely to fix anything like this.

At least there has been some good progress.
Thank you so much.

How old is your printer? Have you ever cleaned the Capping Station, Wiper Blade and bottom of the print head? Here are instructions for cleaning your printer thoroughly, this should be performed periodically at least every 3-6 months for best performance Epson small format printer maintenance - YouTube

As for the Printing/Workflow instructions, I sent you the link to the manual for color printing on post #7

I believe this is more printer performance due to lack of maintenance OR possible cartridge issues OR a combo of both. Until I see your Nozzle check I won’t be able to determine which it is, so please post the worst Nozzle check from the IJM cartridges.

Printer Purchased 4/2014 It was not used until about 6 - 9 mos ago and only as an occasional back up for document printing with the original Epson cartridges.

The printer has been unused for the most part until the past 3 months. I am almost at the end of the color cartridges that came with the printer with the exception of the black. I would say not a lot of accumulation, yet, but I agree maybe a cleaning if more information does not resolve it. Sending you printed images and workflow.

=> I was unable to select “Current Custom Setup” in the Proof setup only the CMYK choice. It wouldn’t let me. What might be done to change that?

Thanks for the excellent feedback.

Here are the images you sent in email of the Nozzle checks, this is very important information not to be overlooked when trying to establish a good starting point for printing.

Your Nozzle check is showing some ink mixing between the LC & K channels and some major holes of missing channels in several other positions. I am sending you replacement cartridges, I suspect this is cartridge & printer cleanliness related. After you receive the new cartridges and have cleaned your printer thoroughly, please install and run the 3 CC’s, this time make sure to verify you have 100% Nozzle check with no ink mixing between channels BEFORE you start trying to print a successful image.

Also, there is mis-use of profiles going on, you need to install all the profiles from the profile library that we offer on the ConeColor website for this printer model. You will never achieve correct color output if you aren’t using our profiles OR ones made custom to your combo(s). Evaluating your images on plain typing paper is only going to confuse this matter farther, if you are going to be printing on Canson papers, assuming this is the case, then you can proof on Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte and use the corresponding profile named - CCK3-1430-EPpremPresPaperMatte.icm This will give you a much better assessment of color output vs evaluating on plain typing paper.

Once you’ve established how to use the system correctly, using the correct workflow and profile selection, then you can move onto printing on the Canson papers. This will save you a lot of wasted time & money spent on expensive papers.