1400 - Printer acts like ink is out after after refilling cartridge

I have looked over the various posts to see if this is answered and had no luck.

After I refill my cartridges with Conecolor ink the printer still shows a red light and acts like it is out of ink. I can usually get it to eventually clear after numerous powering off and re seating the cartridges. Am I missing something in order to avoid this from happening. The printer is about 5 years old and run great most of the time until it is time to refill. I can then anticipate being down for a couple of days until I get the printer to respond.

I have been good at cleaning the printer and keeping it in decent shape.

Any ideas would be appreciated to solve this frustrating occurrence.


I suggest getting a small format chip resetter When one cartridge goes, you take them all out, reset all of them (manually) and top them all off with ink.

This will keep frustrating issues from happening.