11880 damper change

Hi all, I’ve recently changed all the dampers and used windex to push / pull the print head due to the Cyan channel having clogs. I managed to put everything back together, it started leaking between the ink selector and inkline, yes, the o ring is in there and i did stretch the springs a little to give it a tighter fitt. After initial fill, only 2 channels are firing correctly, the rest are only firing on the top nozzles and not in the middle or bottom nozzels, any ideas? Thank you for your time.

You need new o-rings. And also stretching the springs and getting a “tighter” fit is no recommended. Tight fits actually compress the o-rings too much or may have stripped something internally leading to a broken seal. There is very specific torch required (not too much, not too little). Did you read the entire epson maintenance procedure?


Hi Walker, thank you for your reply. Per your suggestion, I ordered new o ring and springs, it is still leaking. Also i’m getting an error 1a39 now :frowning:

As of right now, I’ve removed the head and soaking it with piezoflush while I ponder on the next move. Any suggestion? I’ve removed the right cover, cleaned the flushing box, capping station and flush every line already.

your head has an electrical short in it most likely caused by ink contamination.


Thank you Walker, I went ahead and blow dry out every nozzel with a syringe and tube, left the print head overnight next to the dehumidifier and viola, no more error code.

I proceeded to do an initial fill, the process was completed, but I ran out of Light Cyan ink, so I’ll need to buy a new cartridge and see if it’ll print a nozzle check next.