1 pass gloss printing with K6/K7?



I have a 9800 with Selenium P2 installed, and do the 2nd pass application of GO. Super excited about the upcoming Piezography Pro release.

Will there be a way to use my existing selenium inks, but have 1 pass glossy printing with GO applied at the same time as the ink? Or will the 1 pass printing only work for machines running Piezography Pro?


PiezoPro is different in many ways from existing Piezography K6/K7 (we’re super excited about the release of Pro too!!) While we are focusing most of our time/energy on finalizing Pro for it’s upcoming release, we have done some background experimenting to see if we may be able to make K6/K7 a single pass gloss process. After a few tests, it looks like it MAY be possible, but we’ll need more time to test (after Pro is released), so keep an eye on our newsletters and website for announcements/updates.


What would a Piezography Pro setup look like in a 8 channel printer like the 9800? Since it doesn’t have as many channels as a x900 printer, would you be giving up something (printing on both matte and gloss media, for example)?


The 9800s will require a choice of one or another K ink.

That said, the gloss diff on Pro [I]without same-time[/I][I] gloss optimizer[/I] is actually quite similar to current K3 ABW so it’s possible to do MK/PK + Warm/Cool in one printer. You would negate the ability of the GO to gloss the print and in our standards here at Cone Editions we would say that’s an unacceptable loss in quality. It’s do-able though.



FYI, we’ll be offering a private pre-release discount for those needing to switch from one inkset to Pro, so stay tuned.



[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;12092]The 9800s will require a choice of one or another K ink.[/QUOTE]

From this I take it that with the eight-channel carts-on-head printers, like the R2880, you could do the full Pro setup by swapping the MK & PK carts?


Looking forward to Piezography Pro that is soon to be released. Question: Is there a plan for Piezography Pro to work with digital negatives (ie PiezoDN pro)? Also a suggestion… I have many inks that are close to being empty while others are nearly full. You may want to offer smaller ML bottles for the transition so one can empty their Piezography K6 or K7 without wasting hundreds of dollars in ink. Have it a limited time (6 months or so) at the same price as the 110ML price point. It would be nice to be able to buy say 30 to 40ML to get the full set of ink as close to empty before switching and not have one at 90ml basically throwing it away. Just a thought.

  1. PiezoDN curves will be built for Pro.

  2. We will be offering small-bottle purchase. We will be offering a pre-order discount (private link sent to our mailing list) for those needing to switch from one system to another. This pre-sale will launch in less than 2 weeks.

We are literally making the ink in small batch at our tiny facility in Vermont so supplies are limited until we can ramp up production in 2017. The first batch will go quickly.



Thank you. Great to hear about the PiezoDN curves. It is nice to hear that small bottle purchases will be available for the new system. My suggestion was it should also be available for the original K6 and K7 systems as well (so the old ink systems can be depleted evenly while switching). I’m glad it will be for the new system, but it should be as well for the old system as well to help deplete.


Let me re-iterate (edit) my earlier reply to be more exact. I don’t think I gave as good an answer as I should have given last night after landing in Hong Kong.

We aren’t doing 60mL bottles of either Piezo traditional or Pro. This is impractical on the fulfillment/organizational end. We are going to be doing 110mL bottles with a discount for earlier adopters of Pro. This should ease some of the transition costs. When we say small-bottle for PiezoPro we mean 110mL.



1 pass glossy with K6 makes the Epson 1430 with 6 channels much more valuable (especially with supported CIS)!


I can’t promise anything in this regard but it’s certainly in discussion.