P600 print to transparency film?

Hi All!
I have an Epson P600 with the ConeColor ink set installed. These have been just super BTW.
I recently picked up a box of “Apollo” “Quick-Dry Inkjet Printer Transparency Film” for $1 at our local Goodwill store. The back of the box lists compatibility with Epson “Stylus” and “Photo” printers, however the Epson web-site doesn’t say a thing about Transparency Film as an option for the P600. I didn’t really expect it to.
Anyway, I thought it might be kinda cool to take some colorful wild-flower fotos I have, print them to transparency film, and display them between two pieces of glass hanging in a sunny window; a sort of digital Stained Glass.
Is this process (pigment ink on transparency film / RGB vs CMYK color) likely to produce a usable output, and can anyone suggest a starting point for the printers paper settings? Are there physical reasons why it might be a bad idea to feed transparency film thru the P600? I would hate to ruin my favorite printer for the sake of an experiment. (I have a cloudy history of letting my monkey curiosity get me in over my head in other arenas, so this is a serious concern . . . : - )
TIA! Steve