Magenta Blobs

Hi Nori~

The technician had to remove the dampers to determine they weren’t working correctly. He showed me one didn’t “spring” as it should for proper ink flow, and the other had ink in an area where it shouldn’t be, so there must have been a small leak in that damper. He installed new dampers in those two positions and all was good :slight_smile:

What you are dealing with is an Epson tech, not an independent technician like Decision One, like we have worked with in the past. Techs who only work on Epson printers are trained to scare people into not using third-party inks, and deny service or accept responsibility for problems if someone isn’t using Epson inks- this is because Epson makes most of their $ on consumable products such as ink and paper. Independent techs like Decision One, who are very knowledgeable and service a range of brands, deal only with facts and are not loyal to one specific company, but are simply smart and trained to work on a variety of make and model equipment. For example, the tech I have worked with in the past was very excited to come to our studio and told me he’s serviced a few printers with our inks (both ConeColor and Piezography) installed and thinks our inks are excellent. He admitted (as we all know), not all inks are made or work the same, so it is true that SOME third party inks are crap and cause problems, but OUR inks are very high quality and do not fall into that category. We spend a great deal of time developing and thoroughly testing our inks, and continue testing/using our range of products on a daily basis, so have a lot of experience and knowledge about everything we sell, which many other companies do not (they often just buy a cheap ink or carts, slap their name on it and sell it without the extensive testing and devotion that we put into our products).

I recommend you contact Decision One and see if they have a location near you (they are all over) and work with an independent technician who will repair your printer correctly and without forcing you to spend $hundreds on Epson carts.

I hope this helps, best regards~ Dana

Nori~ I also wanted to add that due to the age your printer, it is no longer under warranty, so they won’t do warranty service on it anyway.

Thanks for your advice. Good to know that one needs to remove a damper to see if it’s working! I am actually working with a fellow from Decision One who works on Epson and a range of other printers for them. There aren’t any Epson techs per se in my neighborhood. It is a Decision One guy who is insisting on testing with Epson Inks, unfortunately.