Looking for information regarding converting Epson 11880 to Piezography (Carts and Decoders, in particular)


Hi Sam,

I have successfully installed the decoder boards, but they only negate the need for a chip resetter. Unfortunately, they do not allow the use of IJM’s cartridges, or the 3rd party cartridges you are referring to that are made for the 11880.

As far as I can tell, the only way to convert one of these printers over to 3rd party inks is to install a bulk ink system.



Hi cjh!

Thank you for your reply. That is too bad :frowning: What are the bulk ink system currently available for the 11880? Appreciate you taking time to answer my question.



Hi Sam,

As far as I can tell, there aren’t many (if any) bulk systems designed specifically for the 11880. I’m in the process of cobbling something together (with the extremely generous help of someone who has two printers set up in this way). In short, I am adapting bulk ink feeders for another printer and splicing them into the plumbing of the 11880. The original cartridges will stay in place so that the printer will still register them. I will post a write-up once I have my printer up and running.


Hi all,

We have a working bulk ink system for the Epson 11880! Only with modified original cartridges this does work. After it is costly to make that system it is not cheap in price, but it does work. Information under Epson Stylus Pro 11880 | Epson Stylus Pro | Inks | Shop | easy inks - Inks Made in Germany