Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta profile/curve?

Can someone please point me to the curve for Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta?

First time printer here and I am looking at the list in Print-Tool (curve1) and trying to decipher the abbreviations for the curve names (if this curve is in fact on the list…)

I am on a P800 with Selenium K7 inks.

Thank you

This one will work:

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 8.23.08 AM

Remember, Gloss printing on classic setups like this requires a second pass GO print.

Thank you, Walker. I will give that one a go.

If this should become my standard paper / K7 combo, do you think there is a benefit to having a custom profile made or will that not necessarily yield better results than the curve you pointed out in your post?


yeah, I do think there is a benefit because then there will be a standard baseline and if anything changes in the future you can recalibrate and not have to change your files.

BUT, because this is a non-profiled yet popular paper I’m down to offer this for free so I can distribute it.

Print this target at 100% scale from Print-Tool with “No Color Management” selected, then gloss it and send to me at Cone Editions Press 17 Powder Spring Rd Topsham VT 05076

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.33.14 AM

I will build the calibrated curve and post it here


That’s very nice of you, Thanks for that. I’ll print that up and will send it over.


Hey Walker. I made several test prints last night with the selenium inks and they really are too magenta for my taste. I read a few other threads regarding this ink set and from what Jon says that really is the look he went for. I can still make that test print and send it to you if you like.

In light of that I am going to switch to your neutral K7 ink set. Can you recommend a glossy paper that should give me a neutral print with those inks? thanks

I suggest Piezography pro. It’s made of the same ingredients essentially (with a better carbon though) and will give you a more adaptable neutral

Well, I just put an order in for a K7 Neutral system and you shipped it out yesterday.

I understand the advantage that Pro offers with its ability to tone the print and produce the desired results no matter what paper is used. And the advantage of one pass gloss.

But at the same time I have been told by Jon himself that K7 delivers the best tonality, when printing big and for the past 10-15 years the mantra has been 7 is better than 4.

I guess the question is how much better is 7 than 4 inks? And will it only show up if you’re printing something like a 40x40 inch portrait that predominantly features delicate whites or highly detailed shadows? Seems to make sense to me that having more shades of gray would give an advantage in either case. You may not see it at 11x14, but you probably will at 36x36 or larger.

Judging by the chatter on the forums am not alone in finding a lot of this K6/K7 vs Piezo Pro information confusing and at times contradicting itself.

I am fine to be limited to one or two glossy papers, as long as K7 NEU comes out neutral and the paper is similar in character to a traditional fiber silver print.

I understand that you formulated K7 NEU to be neutral on matte Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. Can you please tell me what glossy paper it will print neutral on?

If there is no glossy paper that K7 NEU will print neutral on then I guess I’ll just ship the K7 NEU system back to you and exchange it for a Piezo Pro system, but I need this question finally settled.


I reformulated K7 Neutral to be much more neutral on many more papers when I got here around 2016.

It’ll do you well.


After doing some more reading these past few days I have decided to take your initial advice and go with the Piezo Pro system, instead of K7 Neutral.

One of the main reasons is that Cone Editions seems to be heavily focused on Piezo Pro and at this time you seem to only offer legacy K7 prints in selenium, Carbon and Special Edition. Not K7 Neutral.

I would like to use Cone Editions for large format prints that I can’t produce at home. If we are both on the same printing system then I can proof at a smaller size at home and send out to your shop for the big prints.

I’ll put an order in today for the Piezo Pro inks and software and will request an RMA for the K7 neutral inks that you shopped out for me lat week, once they arrive.

I may revisit K7 neutral down the road, but for the moment Piezo Pro seems like the wiser choice and I really need to get going on printing.


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