9880 Nozzle Clogged

My 9880 has a couple clogged nozzles. I just replaced the capping station top. I am waiting for a new yellow cartridge today. I am wondering if this head will come back or need replacing.IMG_20191031_084027_resized_20191104_105809163

Most likely it will clear. This is not a bad nozzle clog pattern but I suggest turning the auto-nozzle check off and doing a manual one. it’s more accurate.


I just changed the Dampers, ran a power clean. I am considering using Magic Bullet perhaps with a syringe into the yellow channel. Prints look good. Just a small nozzle check problem,

I changed the capping top, wiper blade, and replaced the dampers. No change in the pattern. I am thinking about trying Magic Bullet. The printer is working fine and I don’t see any problems with the prints. Could magic bullet destroy the head?Nozzles001