7900 with a stubborn clog in a single color. Now bubbles in line



I had a 7900 in storage for a year with the inks in and when I got to work with it, I had, unsurprisingly, many clogs. I ordered the PiezoFlush and did the “scrub” of the face of the heads, which cleaned all but one of the colors completely, after a few power cleanings. The green, however, had nothing at all coming out, totally clogged, so I guessed it was internal and ordered a refillable green cartridge, put my PiezoFlush in it, charged it and tried an initial fill. After doing that, I could see that the flush was not even making it to the head, there were large gaps in the ink tube leading up to it. I figured it was a waste to wait on it, if the flush wasn’t even in the head, so I disconnected the ink feed tubes at the head and used a syringe and tubing to try to flush some solvent into the head. I got some globs of thickened green ink from the head, reassembled it, let it sit a day or two and then tried the initial fill again. Unfortunately, after wasting a LOT of my ink, I saw that there was still no Peizoflush from the green cart in the ink line in front of the print heads… So I just took off the lines again and tried another syringe flush. I am unable, due to viscosity and air pressure, to inject the solvent into the tubes, or the head very effectively, but I tried my best. I just reconnected it all and before I squirt the rest of my epson ink into the waste tank, I thought I’d see if you could offer some advice. Should I do another initial fill and see what happens? Should I wait a few days, even though I doubt there is much solvent in the head? Is possible that the clog is elsewhere? Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you,