Solved: 7900 Carts not recognized after refill

I refilled my first cart for the 7900 today, LK. So after refilling of course it did not recognize the cart… I tried the procedure explained in the instructions- open both ink doors, do not disturb carts and close doors. The instructions say it will go back to normal at this point but my 7900 is not. It does not recognize ANY carts on the right side. I used the chip resetter sent with these 7900 carts. FYI - I have been using a separate set of IJM carts & resetters on my 9900 for over a year with no issues.

I also powered down for a bit, and repeated the instructions with no change. Please help!! The left side is automatically recognized with no problem, just the entire right side not being recognized.

A side note- This 7900 is a big let down compared to the workhorse 9900 I have been running. Sure the 9900 is not as stable as my old 9800, but geez the 7900 and 4900 just do not have the same cleaning options on the user level menus, and in my opinion not as reliable as the 9900. Many more cleaning cycles, and nozzle drop outs on the 7900. Pretty sure I’m selling it in the next year and getting another 99!

Please check the bottom of the Large Format Refillable Carts FAQ to see if that pertains to this. I think it does.

Thanks for your quick response Jon, and apologies for not finding that info on my own! That was exactly it, I reseated all carts making sure they stayed to the left and we are now back up and running!