Near mint, almost never used, 3880 Portland OR area

I have a 3880 printer, bought it intending to use it with piezo DN. I maybe made 5 prints with its original color ink set and was then flushed with piezoflush. It has been stored with piezo flush. I also have the the entire piezoDN conversion kit for it, that is all the empty cartridges and all the inks, never opened. The inks are old but again never opened.

I’m in Portland OR and am open to serious offers for the whole thing.

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btw: That printer is gold for anyone wanting to do dn and piezo printing.


That’s why I bought it, but when PPE came out for negatives i decided to hold off on using it. So it’s sat for this whole time with piezoflush in it. Does it produce negs as well as a 9900 and PPE? Also I still have all the piezoDN ink and carts for it. The ink is years old is it still good?

yes on the ink and flush, not entirely as easy to negs as the 9900 because of pizza wheels


So my 7 yo inks are still usable?. Given I have the 9900 with PPE is the 3880 worth holding onto? After all I have to make new set of quads for the 3880 and mostly I will print 17x22 or on 24" rolls. Is the negative out put quality, pizza wheels aside, worth the effort for the 3880? ( I’ll remove the pizza wheels if need be) is it as good as the 9900? Thanks

The nozzle density and picoliter dot sizes the same between these printers but I have seen a smoother dot structure on the 9900 IMO.

It’s a bit variable per printer. I’ve seen incredible dig negs on the 38s as well. Just the negs we see here at Cone Editions off the 99 have been better than the very old 38s that have been running since 2015.


Is your 3880 printer for sale…Not sure how dated your post is because the year is not shown

I’m also in the Portland area. Is the 3880 still for sale?


I donated it to a school.